Melania the Immigrant

Melania Trump is an immigrant, a famous immigrant, and an oft-snubbed and ridiculed immigrant. She is an immigrant first lady, a powerful dimension not often seen in wives of U.S. presidents. The only other foreign-born first lady was English-born Louisa Adams, wife...

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If Looks Could Kill

Look at his face. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is not a happy Senator today. And when Rand is not happy, most true conservatives are not happy. Certainly, the lovers of liberty ought to be frightened into action over the 2018 Omnibus Bill, scheduled for a vote within 48...

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The 86 Million Dollar Mayor

Mayor Greg Mengarelli of Prescott, Arizona was recently elected in November of 2017. Being elected as mayor, Mengarelli will be coming face to face with some tough issues affecting the city of Prescott. First impressions are usually reliable, and my introduction to...

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What if Goliath Killed David?

We all recall the biblical story of David and Goliath. In the story, a slight, unimpressive, shepherd boy takes on the biggest thug in the 'hood, a guy named Goliath. It's tale of size, muscle and might facing-off with a geeky young man who spent his time in the hills...

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Welcome to iVoteArizona

iVoteArizona is in its second year and more determined than ever to make a difference in Arizona's political environment. As a part of the iVoteAmerica National Network, iVoteArizona is dedicated to the election of principled constitutional conservatives at every...

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