Andrew McCarthy is a Republican Congressional candidate running in NY-24. He was born in Olean, NY, and spent his life growing up throughout the Southern Tier, Western and Central New York. He is a United States Air Force veteran and a current member of the intelligence community. Andrew is a Pro-Trump, 'America First' candidate running to bring back jobs, fix our chaotic immigration system, support our police, fight tyrannical COVID mandates, and get the government out of your way.

A century ago, immigration was a product of the American dream. Hard-working people from across the world poured in because America was a beacon of hope for those in search of a new life for their families. We took in people who made our country even better than it already was.

If an immigrant or group of immigrants came to America, they were at the bare minimum expected to support themselves, and ideally to exceed this expectation substantially. If they were unable to sustain themselves and their families, they were sent home. We made our country what it was by bringing in the best and most talented people the world had to offer.

All of that changed in 1965 when the Hart-Celler Immigration Act was enacted into law. Before 1965, the United States government took extraordinary care to bring in immigrants who enhanced the nation economically, culturally, and in terms of contributions to our western civilization. We chose our immigrants the same way professional sports teams chose their athletes, as any reasonable country would.

Fast forward to today, and our immigration system is the exact opposite. We now bring in over a million legal immigrants each year, often from destitute, impoverished countries with cultures and moral values vastly different from ours. Beyond these cultural matters, we are bringing in mass amounts of immigrants who require billions of dollars in additional government spending on welfare programs. Expanding immigration further will only make the problem worse, as non-citizen households are far more likely to access welfare than their native-born counterparts.

The US taxpayer was never asked, nor did it consent, to pay for the world’s healthcare and public schooling. We have our own poor Americans, and we can’t give them the help they need until we stop paying an arm and a leg to citizens of other countries.

Is America a Global Humanitarian Project?

Immigration is government policy, and the singular essence of any government policy is to help the American people. When did our politicians start forgetting this? The United States is a nation, not a global humanitarian project, and American citizens never consented to become charity workers.

We’re told by those in the media and the Democratic Party that it is our moral responsibility to take in as many of the poorest people in the world as possible. When asked why the only responses are either a soapbox cliche about the Statue of Liberty or an angry declaration about the inquirer’s racism and xenophobia. That is because there is no benefit whatsoever for American citizens to import tens of millions of people from third-world countries who require billions more in government support than they will ever pay into the system.

The economic effects of endless third-world immigration are proving to be fatal to the American working class. Wage stagnation, healthcare system overloads, and millions of dollars spent by public school systems on ESL programs, all make it harder for working families to make ends meet. It is simply unacceptable that so many American families are struggling to get by while being forced to pay for the livelihoods of millions of foreign nationals.

Inflation continues to reach historic levels, and wages won’t be going up anytime soon, so why isn’t the government taking a critical look at its own spending? When money is tight for a working American family, the first thing they do is stop spending on things the family doesn’t need.

The American economic situation is only becoming more precarious, and the last thing we need is to import even more people who require government assistance. Our current immigration policies are already ridiculous. On top of all of that, the Biden administration has considered paying $450,000 to illegal aliens who were separated from their children at the border.

Besides being economic suicide, it is a resolution that shows the Biden Administration’s willingness to spit in the faces of American citizens in need. Resolutions like these are unacceptable and must be stopped at all costs. Even if such plans do not come into fruition, amnesty programs for illegal immigrants, which are adored by not only Democrats but also the Republican Party establishment, would impose a substantial burden onto tax-paying American citizens.

Impact of Immigration Crime on U.S. Social Structure

Mass illegal immigration’s impact on law and order is also a subject that deserves our immediate attention. The crimes committed by illegal third-world immigrants are crimes that never had to happen. Kate Steinle was gunned down in San Francisco by a five-time deported illegal alien, while Dominic Durden was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk. Neither of these crimes had to happen, but crimes such as these will continue to occur until we start getting strict with who we let into our country. This is not to mention the crimes of legal immigrants in the US, which include the most horrifying use of H-1B visas: the case of Balireddy Lakireddy, an immigrant from India who used H-1B visas to purchase child sex slaves. We have our own criminals; we certainly do not need the rest of the world’s criminals.

Politicians talk about immigration all time, but critical reform has yet to be achieved. Legislatively there are many solutions Congress can pass, the first being the completion of President Trump’s southern border wall. Until it is completed, we cannot effectively stop the flow of illegal immigration through our southern border.

Next, Congress needs to pass a law ending birthright citizenship. We are one of only thirty-five countries in the world that recognize birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship is both an incentive and a means for illegal immigration, and there is not one single reasonable argument for its existence. Birthright citizenship has paved the way for “birth tourism”, a system in which women, mostly from China, fly to the USA when they are pregnant, give birth to their baby, which results in the child becoming an American citizen with full rights. Considering the current rapidly escalating tensions between China and the United States, birthright citizenship creates a very real national security threat.

Solutions are Available – But Do We Have the Will

The pathways to fix our immigration system are there for anyone in Congress who wants to use them. We have true fighters in congress who are pushing for real immigration reform, but we need more. Immigration was not always a strain on our country. When done properly, it helped our great nation to grow and prosper. To fix this broken system we have no choice but to gut it and start all over. This means a total immigration moratorium.

We must first assimilate the legal immigrants already here and reclaim our national culture. It must be made exceedingly clear that those here illegally must go home. This will benefit every single American man, woman, and child for generations to come. Let us be hopeful for the future of America again, and let us make the changes our country so desperately needs, starting with real immigration reform.

[Editors Note: The Author, Andrew McCarthy is a veteran, member of the intelligence community, and new candidate for US House from New York. Campaign Website]

(photo credit: Greg Bulla– Unsplash)

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