Mark Stephens, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in 2014 majoring in Political Science and Communication. He is the Founder of the Pitt Johnstown College Democrats and former Patton Borough Council member. Currently a Support Coordinator for those with intellectual disabilities. Follow him on Twitter @MarkeyG18

In 2004, when I was in 8th grade, I took part in the political election process by going door-to-door placing pamphlets, notebooks, and ballots on registered Democrats’ doorsteps. I was excited! I felt I had really made a difference in helping, for what I thought at the time, “the Good Guys”.

Things have changed. I have changed. Now I am reminded of something President Ronald Reagan said:

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.

Those words from one of the greatest presidents of our time have resonated with not only me but many in the Democratic Party. Consider me #WOKE as I have flipped my affiliation to the Republican Party, “the Good Guys.”

Older Now

As I got older, I became even more involved in my local Democratic Party. I worked for many campaigns from County Commissioner to Presidential Candidates. Yes, I can show you a photo I had taken with HRC in 2016. While In college, I founded the Pitt Johnstown College Democrats and then ran for Borough Council and won. That was when I learned that I was NOT a Democrat!

As a young council member, I learned firsthand how “BIG Government” policies stifle small-town communities. During multiple projects, whether they were big or small, establishment government bureaucrats dictated what we could do for our community. It was then I started to question my political belief system.

The past few years have exposed the Democratic Party for what they really are and have evolved to. The calls for violent protests and censoring toward Conservatives, the willingness to give FREE services to illegal aliens paid for by American citizens, the socialist practice of dramatically increasing minimum wage that will ultimately cause businesses to close and the loss of jobs; the push to go on their Green New Deal and the elimination of the Keystone Pipe Line; the infiltration into our government of people who do not hold forth the Constitution as put forth by our founding fathers based on Judeo-Christian values and the lauded practice of killing innocent babies up until and shortly after birth. These and more, do not fit with my ideology or character as a human being.

A Father’s Perspective

Being a father now has amplified the critical decision I had to make. As I look down the long road my daughter will travel, I’m concerned that she might face obstacles I did not face such as limited job opportunities, never-ending high taxes, inflation, higher college costs, etc.

Our political choices are so much larger than party and voting, they really do matter to those closest to us, our children. That’s what makes them important, even frightening at times.

So, I WALKED AWAY from the party that has lost its way. I have decided it is time to vote for the party that I can relate to and become a proud member of. Please join me by walking away from the Democratic Party, as I did, and become a Republican!


[Featured Photo by: Pascal Habermann – Unsplash]

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