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Beginning with Jamestown (circa 1607), American life has been organized around and dependent upon the notion of rigorous self-reliance.

In early America, self-reliance was a given. There wasn’t much choice for the early patriots. After all, staying alive was paramount, and there were no grocery stores, malls, hospitals, trains or planes.

Since the liberalization of western law, a relaxation of social norms, and the wholesale acceptance of government as a collective nanny, there has been an abandonment of self-reliance. America’s long slide into reliance has been fueled by political elitists who trade in addiction. Peddling reliance is a characteristic of controllers pimping dependency.

Our cadre of political elites lives in a culture where their self-survival depends upon the electorate’s reliance on a growing assortment of offerings in exchange for loyalty and votes. These dealers refer to their offerings as a social safety net when in reality the government offers us a needle and syringe by which the narcotic of dependency is pumped into our bloodstream.

Getting high on government dope eventually tamps down our natural God imputed instinct for self-reliance.

Trafficking in Government Addiction

Professional politicians traffic in promises of utopia delivered by a benevolent government whose proponents, as a part of their greed, fashion the bureaucracy and its policies to create socially accepted dependence upon a public dispensary. They offer us a variety of political opioids, welfare being the drug of choice, followed most recently by promises of a new high from healthcare. “Here, just smoke this, it’s free,” they promise.

DC is the nation’s back alley of dealers and pimps seeking to hook us on their promises and keep us addicted for life, for generations.

The federal government mandates the confiscation of our personal property, then gives back what it took as if delivering a new gift. Clearly, upon close inspection, this is the glimmering, dripping needle of dependency.

What the government offers us on every street corner is a deadly dependency. The government offers a narcotic so addictive that when channeled into the individual and collective veins of the electorate it transforms its users (us) into a nation of stammering junkies looking for the next injection, toke, line, and snort.

Self-reliance, as an esteemed virtue of liberty, is perilously close to extinction, replaced by the relentless indoctrination of secular humanism and government care crafted into a kind of social addiction and supported by radical judicial fiat. The liberal courts are the primary defenders of the nation’s addictions. Addiction to government is a right, say the courts.

The progressive doctrine of state supremacy has been the left’s syllabus for ten decades resulting in the liberalization of our once stable institutions. Schools and universities are the pharmaceutical drugstores indoctrinating each new generation with the orthodoxy and acceptability of the doctrine of state-sponsored dependency, and the abhorrence and ridicule of traditional self-reliance.

Once free people are cleverly sorted by a host of criteria including origins, ethnicity, gender, economics, locale, education, sexual identity, and a myriad of artificially defined levels of societal opportunity. This is the Petri dish where the elixir of imposed dependency is concocted and loaded painstakingly into a bureaucratic syringe.

When the needle of government dependency slides gently into the artery of life, we do not suddenly enter a world of dependency. Addiction requires we come back, that we dance and flirt with the needle and give consent to its repeated penetration. Again, and again we return to the mesmerizing allure of the narcotic of big government.

The Nature of Man

The nature of man is antithetical to reliance, and this trait is woven into each of us as the Creator’s gift in the form of a soul, endowed with unalienable rights. Individualism requires absolute liberty to sustain itself. Dependency is a drug and a killer, murdering freedom and beheading those who oppose it.

The promise of care and feeding of the people by a perpetuated, complex and consolidated power as exists in Washington, exacts forms of moral addiction and servitude. The most grievous of these being the forfeiture of our individual and collective will. Government junkies inevitably sign over their souls, personal worth, self-esteem, and ambition to the ones who supply them with their next high.

Hobbes’ “Leviathan” is a drug dealing, centralized government that seeks to engulf us in the irresistible grip of the tentacles of reliance. Numbing us to the value of self-worth and dumbing us down to a simple life comprised of food, water and shelter is the requisite precursor to government addiction followed by tyranny.

In the face of addiction our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are stirred within us, being agitated by the inherent contradiction experienced by the usurpation of these Divine gifts. Whenever any free people stand in line waiting for a government to meet their needs. It’s a government bent on creating addiction and we’re the users.

But God will not let us go, and our hearts never fully give in to the persuasion of dependency. Our road to addiction is always flagged with deep doubt, agonizing suspicion, and the desire to find a way out, a path back to the places of self-reliance, self-worth, self-esteem, and a clear head.

When we have tasted the sweet nectar of liberty its beauty and power are forever burned into the inner sanctum of our souls and can never be fully dislodged. We remember the clarity of life we once knew and the thrill of personal freedom.

A free people are those who find the thrill of life in thinking as they please, expressing ideas in a transparent society, coming and going as they so desire, creating, building, and engaging in commerce one with another in an open marketplace, loving, living and charting their futures on the wings of the eagle of freedom.

Codification – A Shimmering Needle and Loaded Syringe

Government reliance is deviously codified in ways beneficial to the status of the elitists and advanced to satiate man’s base needs. This is the snare.

Can we not finally see and acknowledge that social and government dependency is not an option to be considered, it is the contemporary law of the land?

The protestations of the citizenry only become opportunities for the production of more institutional narcotics, bigger, more pervasive, and more potent government, more control…more addiction, less self-reliance.

This collective intoxication is the taxation, not of our wealth, but our spirits, souls, and our individual and collective willpower. Our drug lords want, need, and work for our absolute allegiance as the logical consequence of intergenerational addiction.

Be not deceived, we are governed by merchants who traffic in addiction, and in the end, this reliance will become the hard hammer of tyranny.



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