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The Bernie Sanders No Masquerade Ball

Bernie Sanders, I have to say, is no fake. Worse, he's not a fluke. His candidacy should be examined for precisely...

Why I was Right to be a Reluctant McSally Voter

Political history teaches us that trusting politicians is a risky exercise. Most often than not, trust is rewarded with disappointment, and disappointment spawns resentment.

Border Takeaways: Broken Promises, Borders and Families

In early August 2019, I toured the U.S./Mexican Border in Cochise County, Arizona and received a Law Enforcement Briefing from Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels

Our Years of Hate

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, society was afforded what I will call an approved time to hate. To be more specific there was an allocation of two minutes each day to hate…

Attacking Iran: President Trump Was Right Not To

President Trump is demonstrating strategic and thoughtful decision making while handling Iran: and liberals can’t stand it. They criticized POTUS for pulling out of the

Arizona’s Confused Senator

Arizona Senators

Dancing with John McCain

Dancing with John McCain

For more than three decades Arizona has danced with Senator John McCain. One thing we’ve learned is that John leads on the dance floor, period.

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Dennis Prager – Size Matters

Dennis Prager – Size Matters

Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU, believes size matters and he is in good company with Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers in warning us that size matters!

Donald Teel: Arizona Politics

Melania the Immigrant

Melania the Immigrant

Melania Trump is an immigrant, a famous immigrant, and an oft-snubbed and ridiculed immigrant. She is an immigrant first lady, a powerful dimension not often seen in wives of U.S. presidents. The only other foreign-born first lady was English-born Louisa Adams, wife...

State Races Under Scrutiny

Ramping Up for the Romp

Ramping Up for the Romp

iVoteArizona is predicting a lot of shucking and jiving, head faking and two-stepping as we near Arizona 2018 state elections.

Congressional Leaders





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Why Won’t You Trust Me?

Why Won’t You Trust Me?

Ann Kirkpatrick was rejected by Arizona voters in 2016 in her run against John McCain for his coveted Senate Seat. Although she claims to be in touch with the historic roots of Arizona

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