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For the first time that I can recall, Arizona is on the brink of going blue in the US Senate. With the election of Liberal Democrat Krysten Sinema in 2018, things looked bad for Arizona conservatives. To the complete dismay of conservatives, Sinema’s opponent Martha McSally was later appointed to US Senate by Governor Doug Ducey.

I’ve never pulled any punches concerning my prior reluctant support of Martha McSally, whose legislative voting record is more in line with Bernie Sanders (S-VT) than with Ted Cruz (R-TX). Conservative Review gives Senator McSally an “F” Liberty Score® based on her voting records in the House and Senate.

Looming on the horizon is one Mark Kelly, retired test pilot and NASA astronaut, husband to, and self-appointed surrogate of gun control advocate Gabrielle Dee Giffords who, on January 8, 2011, was shot in the head by a crazed lunatic and later forced to retire.

It was husband Mark Kelly who stood by Gabby during her recovery, earning him the respect of almost everyone. Now Mark is running against McSally for her appointed Senate seat. I believe he will defeat Martha McSally, a candidate far removed from mainstream conservatism, and one lacking in distinctive political qualities that would separate her and inspire voters.

Enter Daniel McCarthy, a young, bright, successful businessman. I spent two hours conversing with McCarthy about things that matter; life, family, values, politics, and where Arizona and America are going if we don’t stand up to the powerful elite in Washington, DC.

Not since my run-ins with both Jeff Flake and John McCain, followed by my logical support of conservative Dr. Kelli Ward in her two valiant attempts to represent Arizona in the US Senate, have I met a more determined candidate than Daniel McCarthy.

McCarthy represents everything that is right about America and when he speaks about why he’s running there is a fresh, young, aspirational quality about his candidacy that is irresistible. No, I’m not naive. While I recognize Daniel McCarthy’s inexperience and youth will be considered by some to be deterrents, I’m confident his philosophical underpinnings and conservative life convictions will never earn him an “F” legislative grade.

Not only does Daniel McCarthy understand what is right about America, he knows what’s gone wrong. As is true with all conservatives, McCarthy exhibits a refreshing absents of fake political rhetoric. He is to me what we continue to refer to as “The Next Generation of Conservatives.”

In my interview with Daniel McCarthy, there were flashes of a young Goldwater, a Reagan, and the more recent candidates we have endorsed, such as Cruz and Crenshaw. Arizona needs a new, credible, and trustworthy conservative voice in the US Senate, and it’s not Kelly or McSally, it’s Daniel McCarthy.

iVoteArizona, in cooperation with iVoteAmerica, is announcing the endorsement and support of Daniel McCarthy as the next US Senator from the great state of Arizona.

The interview that follows will reveal my discoveries and hopefully show Arizona’s electorate that we have an optional path we can take, a true principled constitutional conservative who will battle on behalf of Arizona to stop the DC insanity that is going to eventually destroy our liberty, and perhaps the nation itself.

Here’s my interview with Daniel McCarthy, Republican Candidate for the US Senate. His answers are immediately following my questions.

Donald:  Let’s jump in with both feet by having you go to the heart of politics. Can you describe your view of government?

My primary view of government is that it is now corrupt and evil…it’s authoritarian.  Let me explain what I mean. When I look at government I see systemic bureacracy that is coming over the top of people, dictating what we must do. The smaller government is and the more you can break it up, compartmentalize it, and keep it closer to the people, the better it will be for citizens. Taxation has become theft and government is taxing us to death…it’s death by a thousand cuts. The purpose of the US Constitution was to restrain government, and thus, restrain the natural tendency toward corruption and evil at the highest levels. Humans, by nature, are prone to corruption, and the Founders understood that government, made up of humans, would also be prone to corruption and to power. The Constitution is supposed to be the restaining force to big, corrupt government. Government is supposed to restain itself (laughter) and not restrain people, the free market, and our individual liberties.

Donald:  Most conservatives believe that any government should be more localized, closer to the people, easier to manage, less complicated, less powerful, and less able to take money away from us to empower itself and to consolidate its power in a single location. Is that reflective of your position as a candidate?

Absolutely, one-hundred-percent!

Donald:  You did an interview with ABC15 Arizona on August 29, 2019, and you said there was corruption at the highest levels of our government, and you mentioned voter anguish…then you said, “I know too much now to feel comfortable sitting at the dinner table with my four children and saying ‘I didn’t do anything about this’.”  What is the corruption you speak of specifically, and what is it you say you know?

It’s important for voters to undersand that I have been involved in politics, going door-to-door, putting door hangers on houses. I watched politics and politicians like John McCain and I listened to people who had first hand accounts of what goes on and in the case of that man, the inactions on his part alone that hurt Arizona. There are people I have spoken to who have told me stories no one would believe about how we’re governed and how and why decisions are made. Let’s use the border and illegal immigration as an example. We know the border can be fixed very easily. When we look at the man power and trechnology we employ overseas and around the world, we know have the capability of defending another nation’s borders. Yet, in our own country, in Arizona we are literally looking at our own border in our backyard and it’s not under control. Why is that happening? How is that happening?  I don’t care about Republican or Democrat, if you have an open border you don’t have a country!  As a result of the corruption of our immigration laws by politicians, we have 30 million illegal aliens in the country today. How many people have lost a family member to an illegal alien?  So, when I say corruption, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Government and its leaders don’t care, that’s corruption, and its but one example of the kind of corruption we have in government…it’s evil.  Without politicians taking a stand, you can’t reverse engineer this situtation, because it’s generated by overwhelming systemic corruption.  When I decided to run for this office, people in the Republican party reached out to me and ask me not to run. But isn’t it the job of the party to find and support the very best candidates to support based upon the platform that is in place and adopted by the party? Most people know that the Republican party is a game. And I think when somone is told not to run who is aligned with the party platform’s stated beliefs, it’s a form of corruption.  If the party, or Mitch McConnell, is trying to control a Senate seat funded from outside Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, or Kentucky, and injecting influence over the sovereign choices Arizona voters are supposed to have, it’s election corruption. It’s the right of every citizen of Arizona to expect to be represented by a person committed to Arizona. When the outsiders determine who gets the Senate seat, that’s corruption and it’s evil.

Donald: USA Today made the claim that you want to annex Mexico…yeah, did you say that?

(laughter) No! I was being interviewed on radio about illegal immigration and said that if Mexico wants to become a part of the United States, they should follow the laws, first of all, and then if they want to they can petition the US to become a state, legally.  It was a tongue-in-cheek statement designed to make the point that Mexico should obey our laws, something they don’t really want to do.

Donald:  What is your new approach to free-market healthcare?  What do you mean by market healthcare?

Okay, I’ll give you an example. One of the nicest places to stay in Arizona is the Dove Valley Ritz Carlton near Marana, Arizona, north of Tucson. I love to take my kids there because its wonderful. It’s expensive, maybe $500-$1,000 per night. My uncle went into the hospital for one night and his bill was $28,000!  When I talk about a market approach to healthcare, I’m saying the governement, by policy, self-interest, special interests, and control is stopping or impeding both competition and quality of the healthcare services…from allowing the free market to handle the creation of the value proposition in healthcare.  We need to stop government interference in healthcare and allow a consumer offering of value to emerge. This would produce the best conditions possible. The system is inflated with costs, regulations, testing requirements, monopolies on the education of doctors and other healthcare specialists. There are monopolies in play, even dictating how (if) you can become a doctor, how many doctors we can have, home many hospitals, how many beds there can be in a given area. Now think about that for a second. This is America the beautiful the most successful contry in history being subjected to licensing of healthcare. We can actually fix healthcare in this country by getting the federal and state governments out of the way.  Our healthcare model should be closer to the Ritz Carlton model than it curently is. Let the free markets go after that, let competition rise to the top, and it would be a beautiful thing if we would just let it happen. If we allow healthcare entreprenuers to enter the healthcare industry, including the current market monopolization by insurance companies. The healthcare industry is like a utility…complete control…price setting…and no one from outside can compete. Therefore, it doesn’t improve much.

Donald:  Your website quotes you as follows:  “We need constitutional fortitude from our elected officials. We need Borders. We need less government in our lives. We need to empower entrepreneurs to grow by getting out of their way. The federal government has too much control.”  As a US Senator, how do you battle that federal control over the lives of Arizonans?

It’s actually very simple. For years, we have allowed politicians and bureaucrats to tell you they’re doing a good job by voting yes or no. They’ve convinced us if they have a voting record, they’re qualified to be your Senator or Representative.  We’ve been sold a bill of goods…we’ve been deceived.  What we need to do now is set a new tone, a new standard for a Senator, and I think of Barry Goldwater who was a standard-bearer in the Senate. I want to raise the bar for Arizona. I will do anything and everything I can to defend the individual rights of Arizona citizens. It takes moral fortitude, you have to be able to do the right things when no one’s looking.  If I am Arizona’s Senator, I will not rest until there is some kind of movement in the restoration of our constitutional rights. We’re in trouble!  We are in a literal war as a country. This is not a time in our history where we should send someone to Washington who wants to simply establish a voting record. We need to send someone to Washington who wants to disrupt things…quickly. These people are eating our lunch.

Donald:  You have a lot of strongly held convictions and beliefs. Where do they come from?

My beliefs come from my faith. I’m a Christian. I grew up in the Nazrene Church. I love scripture and the wisdom that comes from the Word of God. It’s the only thing that makes logical sense to me as a guide to life. I’m not a “Bible Thumper” or someone who is going to preach at you, that’s not my thing. But I have decided that my faith is my compass…my foundation for my family, my children, my business.

Donald: It has taken just three years for Arizona to go from two Republican Senators to one Democrat and a government-appointed Senator by the name of Martha McSalley. Some people view Senator McSally as pretty much a legislative clone of Kyrsten Sinema. What separates you from McSallly on the major policy issues?

The differences could not be more striking. If someone reviews Senator McSally’s track record they will find it contraditory to the Republican platform, and obviously the conservative platform. She has no ability to separate herself from the consultants and the PACs that tell her what to do. She can’t, she’s a product of a group of people that put her where she is. She is not a free-thinking politician.  To think that Martha is anything but a bureacratic puppet is self-denial.

Donald: What’s the need of the moment in Arizona that keeps you up at night?  What’s the wrong you want to right?

Let me encapsulate my answer by saying what I think we need to do in Arizona. I think it is imperative that Arizona be self-sufficient, where there are no questions on our water, our minerals, our lands, and our ability to function as a state independent of anything, especially Washington. There should be no strings attached to Arizona from the federal government. Every state should have the capability to do that, to funcition independently. I look at California and New York and conclude, this governement will roll us over if everyone keeps laying down. It’s remarkable that in a span of four weeks the federal government has been able to literally shut us down. That is insane. What happens if someone like Joe Biden becomes President and something like the Coronavirus happens? Let me tell you we are in a fight now…and it’s a fight like I have never seen before or even imagined could occur in the United States.

Donald:  Tell me about your parents.

My parents are fantastic parents, unbelievable. I grew up in a home where we ate dinner together, we went to church on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, and on Wednesday. I grew  up in small town America. My parents are from upstate New York, which has a different culture and lifestyle than other parts of New York. Six months of every year we were under snow. My parents are hard working, salt of the earth people. My dad protected us, our home, and he taught me everthing. My mother was a Councilwoman, the first woman to win a counsel seat in he town I grew up in, and I watched that from the age of eight to twelve. Watching my mother get involved with the process and want to make change for people was a civics lesson that most kids just don’t get. I have a tremendous amount of respect for my parents who live in Arizona now. I talk with them on a regular basis and have a great relationship with them.

Donald: There seems to be an attempt by some to hold you out to the public as a kind of wild-eyed conservative dreamer. It’s almost as if you’re being mocked for talking about liberty, personal property rights, self-reliance, pro-life, 2nd Amendment, state rights, and constitutional government. What’s this caracature all about…what’s going on here…why are people acting like your positions are foreign to America?

Well, it’s really clear what’s happening. It’s systemic corruption of the political process. It’s about money. All you have to do is follow the money trail. The media is sponsored by a group of people who have an agenda. That agenda is pushed by the politicians they put in place. There is very clear communication from people who put other people in places of power, and they tell them what candates to rip apart and what candiates to prop up. It’s not even unspoken…it’s an agenda…its outspoken. For example, why would a newspaper that has the overriding dominance in the Arizona marketplace cast me in ways they have when they haven’t even sat down with me for an interview. Why wouldn’t they go to their audience and say, “This is a guy who wants to be your Senator, we sat down with him and asked him quesions?” Never once has that happened with the largest news platform in Arizona. Some people have treaed me good. John Hook has been fantastic. There  have been some voices that have jumped in and had dialogues with me, like iVoteAmerica, but not enough. Like you said, the appetite for what I am bringing to to the table is clear…but I’m not going away (laughter)…you’re stuck with me! I’ve given up on trying to figure out the source of the misinformation…I don’t care what the source is…all I can tell you, Donald, is that your right on the money.

Donald:  Tell Arizona voters the first three things you will tackle immediately upon being sworn in?

We need to send a message to the United Nations and to our own federal governement that Arizona does not negotiate on the Second Amendment.  When Arizona elects me, that is going to be a clear signal that Aizona is not interested in a discussion about the right to keep and bear arms….we aren’t going discuss the government ever being allowed to infringe upon our gun rights. Secondly, we have to fix the border problem. My presence as Arizona’s Senator will be on the southern border because we cannot allow the lawlessness to continue and that starts with telling Mexico they must follow the law. We will not allow the bleeding to continue.  Thirdly, we are going to need to dig into the minutia surrounding spending at the federal level and how do we become good stewards of the taxpayer’s money.  Congress needs to present a plan to the American people and the President that will stop the reckless spending.  These are the first things Arizona voters are going to see and hear from me. And some of this goes back to Arizona controlling its own future. My objective would not be to introduce new law, but to repeal old law. My job will not be creating more bureacracy and agencies, it will be to get rid of the things that keep us from performing as citizens. I anticipate there will be a lot of work in front of me that will start after I put my hand on the Bible and I am sworn-in as Arizona’s Senator. I will be extremely prepared with a team of Arizona staff that isn’t from Washington, DC, the most responsive you’ve ever seen. I’m going to plant myself in the middle of the problems until they’re solved. What the federal government has been allowed to do to us is criminal, it’s barbaric…and I mean that….the way we’re being treated is just wrong.  We need a wreaking ball going after these agencies, dismantling them. We’re spending billions a year on the Department of Education…are you kidding me? What are we getting for our money?

Donald: What is the most difficult issue you’re facing in the campaign at the moment?

I’m not facing any issues in the campaign other than our conservative movement in Arizona is not as organized as it should be. I’m concerned that we can’t pick good candidates and get them elected.

Donald: Do you support Governor Doug Ducey’s opt-in position for refugee resettlement?

It’s extremely dangerous. I’m very familiar with the Somali population and there is a lack of understanding about how dangerous the refugee issue is. We’re bringing people in who don’t want to assimilate. I wish there was a way to have a dialogue with the impressionable left and impressional Democrats in our country. If we could have a conversation that was not emotional we could explain to them that some of the people we are bringing into the country are, in many cases, are here to change our country. If we don’t start having a conversation that’s uncomfortable to leftists it’s going to get worse. The resettlement program is riddled with political correctness. The Governor and I do not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things…it’s just the way it is…there are things the Governor has done that I like, but resettlement isn’t one of them.

Donald: At iVoteAmerica we place a high premium on the sanctity of life. Talk to me about your views about the sanctity of life.

I believe that not only does a life begin at conception, but it is a human being, a person with constitutional rights. You’ll notice no one talks about the woman who had an abortion at the age of 15 and the emotional and psychological issues associated with that.

Donald: Encapsulate your US foreign policy doctrine? Your interventionist policy?

The best tool we have in our arsenal is having a self-sustaining America, a strong America, an America that is humming. This includes our rights, our economy, our military. The economy is the vital organ of as strong foreign policy. We need to be on a proper footing in every category and then we can have a proper conversation and engagement with foreign nations about threats to our freedom. Why, for example, are we in the United Nations, it’s positions and operation are often contradictory to our values and sovereignty? My brother was on the Korean DMZ, there is a lot of history there, like a lot of other places. Someone, at sometime, determined we needed to be in place around the world, acting as a parental figure around the world. My position is we need some common sense. We need to engage a policy that expects other countries to take care of themselves without us being the golbal police force. We have to be very cautious because we can tilt the balance of power by being excessive in either direction. We need to pull back our men and women as much as we can. It’s time for more logic.

Donald:  Let’s talk about China…the real China. Are we at war with China and if so, what kind?

It’s a global leadership war. It’s about the kind of world we are going to live in. I know a lot about China. They’re extremely smart and they want to beat the crap out of us. They’ve been doing it for years. China has been underwriting a lot of our economy for years. They have penetrated our culture, businesses, education systems, and they are smart and well organized. They know our culture, sometimes better than some Americans.  One of their exploitations is the anchor-baby loophole. The media talks about the anchor-baby phenomenon when it comes to Mexico but they don’t bring it up with respect to China. China has a foreign policy component that involves becoming citizens by means of the anchor-babay loophole. The war with China is very sophisticated and we have to make sure that American ideals win the day because we are the only thing standing in the way of a global communist dictatorship.

Donald: How are you educating your children.

We’re home schooling. I felt like the writing was on the wall a few years ago with curriculum and vlaues. Right now, with the way things are in the education system, we felt home schooling provided us with a solution. All of our children are involved with sports, they’re plugged into church, and its just better for them and us given the curent state of the schools.

Donald: Did the AZGOP ask you not to run in the primary?  If yes, tell me about how that came down.

Yes. I was asked by a lot of people not to run. The people who asked me not to run are people I wouldn’t take a suggestion from about anything in a million years. When they asked me not to run, or yelled at me, or threatened me about running, I knew I was doing the right thing by going in this direction. Voters should think about this question. Who actually promotes the idea of not having competition in elctions? Just think about what that means on its face…on a surface level. If your the head of the Republican party in a state or nationally, why would you not say to a young guy who is a self-made success story, “run for office?”  What is the worst I’m going to do? Make Martha McSally more accountable to the voters? God forbid, right!  So I looked at the situation and told myself this is really bad. If the leaders of our party are hit people working to get people out of the way, what are they trying to prevent? Everty time I dug deeper and peeled back the onion, the worse it became.  What happened to me is what is wrong with the Republican party. Martha McSally is the pinnacle example of what’s wrong with our party. The willingness of people to defend Senator McSally with her voting record and the bought-and-sold culture is odd, to say the least.

Donald:  Mark Kelly is a formidable candidate. If you’re nominated, how do you beat Mark Kelly, who I have referred to as the surrogate sympathy candidate? That’s a powerful position for him, by the way.

It’s actually quite simple. The beauty of my campaign is that it is created to go head-to-head with a Marxixts.  I can dismantle all of his arguements. I won’t let him get away with his support of the crazy left. When you run for office you’re on trial before Arizona. People need to see him and me. When Arizona voters see what I am and what Mark Kelly is, he will not have a pollitical future.


Donald: Do you eat Sushi?

No (chuckles).

Donald: Your first car?

It was a 1991 Black Chevy Camaro.

Donald: Self-improvement goal?

Seeking wisdom and knowledge…always learning.

Donald: What time do you wake up in the morning?

Anywhere from  4 am to 6:30 am, maybe 7 am.

Donald: What’s your favorite color?


Donald: What food do you constantly crave, but shouldn’t eat?

Chicken wings!

Donald: Favorite President?

George Washington, I have to go with him.

Donald: What was your first job

Paper route.

Donald: Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have three Boston Terriers.  They are the first recognized American breed and are unbelievably intelligent. We have Paul, named after Paul Revere and Paul the Apostle.  We have Penelope, and Tony.  The dogs are a big thing in our family with four kids.

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