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Arizona conservatives continue to languish as we wait for an opportunity to elect a proven Reagan conservative to represent us in the US Senate.

Part of this article is a repost of old information about our current unelected, Governor-appointed US Senator Martha McSally. I have been prompted to revisit her appointment to the US Senate due to my discovery of her recent paid Twitter survey asking us what she should do about immigration. You have got to be kidding me was my initial thought.

Here is an exact copy of her promoted survey grabbed from my @iVoteAmerica Twitter channel (it’s also @iVoteArizona):

Political history teaches us that trusting politicians is a risky exercise. More often than not, trust is rewarded with disappointment, and disappointment spawns resentment.

Senator McSally recently ran this “Promoted (political)” survey stating, “I need your input on the crisis at the border.”

Really? Here is our US Senator, an Arizona resident, who has lived in Arizona for about a decade and served the people of Arizona in Congress since 2014 running a survey about the border crisis, as if she doesn’t understand it.

What are we to make of McSally’s survey? Surely she does not need our input on the border crisis. Surprisingly, McSally states, “The Democrats need to know where we stand.”  Is there some doubt in the minds of Democrats about where McSally’s constituents stand on the border?

This is Arizona’s United States Senator (appointed) appearing to be dismayed about what we Arizonans want with respect to immigration and the border. I’m stunned by this request. Certainly, McSally knows what her Republican voters want.

It gets worse. McSally makes this baffling request: “Please take the survey today so I know I have backup when I am fighting to fix this crisis ASAP!”

What Martha Needs to Understand

McSally seems somehow confused and bewildered about the proper course of action regarding the invasion of hundreds of thousands of illegals. Worse, she admits, absent the survey, she can’t tell Democrats “where we stand.” She pleads for our immediate completion of the survey “ASAP!” urging us to “Take the Survey!” She then uses her campaign website as the destination, but there is no reference to the survey on that website.

McSally is a seasoned professional who knows what Arizona wants with respect to the border.  So, what is the survey about? I can only conclude she has started campaigning for election to the US Senate and the survey is simply a knee jerk stunt to sound relevant. If she wants the Democrats to “know where we stand,” then tell them!

If the Senator doesn’t know what her constituents want with respect to the border, she doesn’t know her constituents. If she doesn’t know her constituents then its time for Arizona Conservatives to elect a new Senator.

I like Martha McSally and as with my 40-year affection with John McCain I respect and applaud her service and military accomplishments. But I never thought she was a great candidate and never regarded her as a true conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

Yes, I voted for her, reluctantly. Then, like you, I watched her lose to liberal Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

Is McSally a Demonstrated Conservative?

Is McSally a proven conservative in the vein of Ronal Reagan?  It doesn’ seem so, but I am not ready to discount a conversion.

Truly, Martha McSally does not have a conservative legislative record. Her Liberty Score at Conservative Review is an “F” at 37%.  Her opponent, Sinema, comes in with a 9% score and Jeff Flake is a “D” grade at 62%. Yes, Jeff Flake looks good when His “D” is positioned against McSally and Sinema.

iVoteArizona Martha McSally Score

Source: Conservative Review, Liberty Score ®

McSally’s claim to fame, and it’s a valid claim, is she flew combat missions. I salute her, I’m impressed with this amazing accomplishment. Her fighter pilot story is the central feature in her talking points. Her policy talking points have been thoroughly spit-shined for campaign survival.

Is Our Love Affair Over?

What is it about Arizona’s love affair with combat pilots? Why do we feel obliged to elect them to the US Senate? It was difficult to criticize McCain because there was always the cloud of guilt, as if we couldn’t appreciate his heroism and still disagree on matters of policy.

McSally is a career government employee. While there is no way in hell you will get me to denigrate her military record, my reluctant voter complex stems from the fact that I’m tired of candidates who claim to be conservatives because they were military combatants and fighter pilots. Even worse, I fear we take the bait, out of our sense of patriotism and respect for our military heroes. I did, for many years.

Today, I’m a reluctant voter who voted for Martha McSally.  Martha, I knew John McCain, and I hope you’re no John McCain.


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