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We all recall the biblical story of David and Goliath. In the story, a slight, unimpressive, shepherd boy takes on the biggest thug in the ‘hood, a guy named Goliath.

It’s tale of size, muscle and might facing-off with a geeky young man who spent his time in the hills writing poetry and middle eastern music.

Because its true, biblical folklore inspires us, shows us our humanity and comforts us in time of personal need and tragedy.

Please Imagine the Unthinkable

How would we feel if the story ended differently and Goliath killed David? If that had happened, I suspect the story might not be included in Judeo-Christian writ.

Furthermore, millions would be without the inspiration the story provides and some of us would have to look elsewhere for life lessons about overcoming overwhelming odds.

The miracle of one smooth stone would have vanished if after its release it missed its target and Goliath killed David.

This would be unthinkable…but it is possible in our modern world?

Fast Forward to David and Goliath 2018

We have a similar story playing out in the world of social media, cultural thought, politics, history and well, let me just say it, truth.

Few would argue that YouTube, owned by Google, is not a modern day Goliath in the world of ideas, entertainment and education.

Fewer still have much knowledge about a modern day David known as Prager University (“PragerU”). PraferU produces conservative video commentary with a twist of simplistic presentation and logic that I find irresistible.

On top of it all, PragerU just flat out tells the truth.  When PragerU speaks millions listen and watch, In fact, their videos, typically less than 5 minutes in length, have bee viewed nearly 1,500,000,000 times (yes, 1.5 billion is the number of viewings). That’s staggering.  Equally stunning, is the fact that PragerU doesn’t have a star performer. It has a cast of well known and respected thinkers from all walks of life.

YouTube, (aka, Goliath), has been restricting PragerU’s videos so that they are in the same category as offensive videos a parent would not want their child to see.

Approximately 10% of PragerU’s videos are being restricted by YouTube and despite PragerU’s attempts to protest the censorship, disguised as a restriction, they have been unable to receive a resolution or even a plausible explanation for the YouTube’s action.

Slow the Tape for  a Closer Look

A casual scan of the content of YouTube will demonstrate that is riddled with many videos involving questionable and perhaps dangerous content, actions, and acidic speech. Yet, in some of these cases, YouTube applies no restriction.

Furthermore, and even more revealing, the PragerU content, while opinionated, is polite, well researched and tastefully presented with a focus on facts, rather than emotions. There is not a single video on the restricted list I would not allow my children or grandchildren to view.

The PragerU videos contain no obscenities, shouting, racial prejudice, middle finger gestures, teen fist fights, smoking, drinking, drug abuse messages, nudity or personal attacks on anyone. So why the restrictions?

Let’s just call a horse a horse. PragerU believes, and I concur, the restrictions are purely arbitrary and driven by the ambiguity of YouTube’s politically correct worldview.

In fact, no one really knows who makes the decisions behind YouTube secret curtain. YouTube offers little support for customer recourse following their application of restrictions to content. A final bit of truth. The viewership clearly demonstrates there is something in PragerU’s content people want to hear and see.

In Today’s World David Takes Goliath to Court

PragerU, in an attempt to defend itself, has filed suit against YouTube, LLC, owned by Google. This is an expensive and time-consuming effort for PragerU. Indeed, it is a modern-day equivalent of David vs. Goliath.

My unsolicited motivation for supporting PragerU is the fear that YouTube’s position can become a watershed, eventuating into wholesale restriction of any idea it arbitrarily deems inappropriate.

The restriction of historical narratives, political ideas, beliefs, and arguments are dangerous to all people and this position can metastasize, cascading into all forms of online social media, shutting off debate, and choking the free-flow of information.

In the current politically correct climate, YouTube has decided to exercise its right to “restrict” content it deems inappropriate for young people, including the content from PragerU.

What would be the logical endpoint if Goliath kills David in court? I do not want to admit this could happen, but it can.

What would the World be like if Goliath Killed David

Imagine for a moment living in a world where your ideas, expressions, beliefs, and values are simply “restricted,” snuffed out of mainstream thought. Facebook and other social media channels are watching the lawsuit because its outcome will have long-term ramifications for conservative, traditional thought.

Unlike YouTube, iVoteAmerica is not restricting the videos in question. We’re giving you a chance to see them all.

As you watch them, ask yourself if they are pernicious or offensive or, simply factual in addressing PragerU’s positions on contemporary topics? Better yet, ask yourself if you would have an issue allowing your children or grandchildren to view them.

When you have finished viewing the videos ask yourself, what would the world be like if Goliath killed David?

You can see all 40 of them by clicking on this link.

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