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There is a principle to heed when we form professional relationships. Distance is not typically a good way to formulate an accurate assessment of someone.

One of the few exceptions to this nearly 40-year long principle was my first encounter with Greg Mengarelli, at the time a Member of the Prescott Unified School District (“PUSD”j Governing Board.

In the course of 24 months, I watched Greg Mengarelli leapfrog from PUSD Board Member to PUSD Superintendent, then into the Prescott Mayor’s Office.

Quiet Reserve of Inner Personal Strength

iVoteArizona Greg MengarelliMy cautious impression from a distance is one of a man who is at first contemplative and deeply spiritual, deriving his leadership persona from a quiet reserve of inner personal strength.

So, I remind myself that distance is not a good way to formulate personal opinions.

Keep in mind, that despite my multiple interactions with the PUSD governing Board, not once have I ever had a one-on-one, private conversation with Mengarelli. It’s time for that to change. He’s Mayor Mengarelli now, a leader who can influence my taxes, and even the success of my commercial real estate business.

It’s important to know what motivates our political leaders. Had it not been for his campaign and election as Prescott’s Mayor, it’s unlikely I would have sensed that he is part of The Next Generation of Conservatives®.

I would like to share with you my core values…I believe in God, country and family. Unfortunately, in many communities, it is no longer popular to believe in God and country. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. I believe in the symbolism of our flag and national anthem, neither should be disrespected…

Therefore, I will be contacting him to request a sit-down interview to explore how he intends to lead the City of Prescott out of its most pressing problems.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong in Prescott, Arizona?

What possible problems could beautiful central Arizona community like Prescott have? This is Arizona’s former Territorial Capitol

Prescott is known as Everybody’s Hometown. It’s a beloved, high country community with a slow pace. Everyone in Arizona loves Prescott, with its Pondersona Pine Trees, lakes, hiking trails and of course, its historic Whiskey Row and Courthouse Square.

iVoteArizona Everybody's Hometown SignSomething has been going wrong in Prescott, Arizona. And the what, the how and the who is the big question iVoteArizona will be addressing.

The huge Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (“PSPRS”) debt mountain needs to be conquered. Growth, annexations, jobs, existing and new business development, and taxes are all on the table.

Also on the table, the future political career of a Greg Mengarelli, who, we believe is a part of The Next Generation of Conservatives®️ and the needs facing Arizona and the nation.

A study concluded that “Arizona’s public-safety pension fund among worst-performing in the nation” (azcentral). In 2017, the year Mayo Mengarellis was elected, Prescott raised its taxes in a desperate move to stave off the logical consequences of decades of pension fund mismanagement.

The Mayor’s Looming Crisis

This, above all else, is the Mayor’s looming crisis and thus, we would like to know his thinking about the PSPRS issue, the tax increase, and the future of Prescott in general. Our interview request goes out this week, so watch for the iVoteArizona interview of Prescott Mayor, Greg Mengarelli.

As Mayor Mengarelli begins to tackle Prescott’s long-festering, decades ignored, and now huge financial problems, we would like to allow him to express his thoughts, plans, and vision for Prescott. After all, distance is not typically a good way to formulate an accurate assessment of someone.

We invite the Mayor’s office to contact iVoteArizona.

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