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Jeff Flake seems troubled. His adjustment to the election of Donald J. Trump was problematic and created obvious conflicts. He seemed almost depressed and certainly unhappy.

Shortly after the publication of his book, Conscience of a Conservative, and amidst declining approval ratings from Arizona conservatives, Senator Flake abruptly quit his reelection campaign. Somehow the book’s subtitle, A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle was supposed to convey Jeff’s inner strength to Arizona conservatives.

Read My Lips

Message to Jeff: Politics has and will always be destructive since it takes no prisoners. The return to principle message is something we have been begging Jeff Flake to do…reject the RINO Koolaid and get back to the conservative principles of Ronald Reagan.

The announcement of Flake’s retirement was applauded by conservatives on social media and every other outlet. The mood was almost celebratory.

After the desert dust settled the first questions Arizona conservatives asked were now what and equally important, now who?

At the time of Flake’s abrupt termination, Dr. Kelli Ward was already out-performing him in the polls. iVoteArizona endorsed Kelli Ward in her unsuccessful run against John McCain in 2016.

Suddenly, a new door of opportunity opened for conservatives. Jeff Flake was out…does that mean Kelli Ward is in?

Arizona conservatives never felt at home with Jeff Flake, a do-nothing Senator. And, we have long been disappointed with John McCain’s inside-the-beltway persona and his fundamental weaknesses as a self-proclaimed maverick.

To Whom Do Arizona Conservatives Turn?

Now, what and who? This is the question for Arizona as it picks its next Senator.

Kelli Ward? Not so fast! Recently former Maricopa County Sherif and Trump pardoned backer, Joe Arpaio announced his decision to seek Jeff Flake’s seat. Will Arpaio’s age, history, and the pardon prove too much baggage or will his historic tough guy image propel him into the US Senate.

That’s not all. The plot thickens and the pack grows with the announcement January 12, 2018, that Martha McSally was also in the hunt for Flake’s vacant Senate seat.

More plot thickening.  McSally is an Arizona representative from the 2nd congressional district. She too has baggage, military baggage, having served in the United States Air Force from 1988-2010. Upon her retirement, she was one of the highest-ranking females in Air Force history.

The drama doesn’t end here. Martha McSally knows how to walk softly while piloting the A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka, “Warthog”). She served tours of duty in Kuwait and Iraq and rose to the esteemed rank of Colonel.

McSally, Arpaio, and Ward is not a law firm. It’s the latest trio to announce candidacy for Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat.

iVoteArizona hopes to sit down with Martha McSally for a heart-to-heart and although we endorsed Kelly Ward in 2016, we are going to reshuffle the political deck and deal ourselves a new hand.

John McCain’s illness is certainly a factor to consider in the Senatorial race. Will he retire early, paving the way for another new Arizona Senator in Washington, DC?

It’s an exciting time for Arizona conservatives who desperately want a new start in DC.

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