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John McCain is facing another life crisis, perhaps worse than, and certainly more fatal than his imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam war.

McCain has not been a model conservative during his time in the Senate. But now is not the time to unduly critique him. Rather, it is a time to acknowledge that, together with the mysterious decision of Senator Jeff Flake to not seek re-election, Arizona is experiencing a continued conservative leadership crisis.

Jeff Flake is taking a hike, flying the coup. It appears he’s had enough of whatever it is he’s had enough of. Flake, like McCain, is not a textbook conservative and Arizonans are longing for a Senator that will address any and better yet, all of the following:

  • Deficit spending…spending in general
  • Growth and intrusion of government
  • Immigration and all of its intricacies, especially the border
  • Funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Abortion and its hideous nature
  • Terrorism, nation-building and foreign policy

Well, our list is long and we are tired of seeing campaign conservatives morph into fake conservatives who look, speak, act and vote like liberal Democrats as soon as the lap up a few doses of DC’s elite KoolAid.

We are going to elect a new Senator to replace Jeff “the Snowflake” Flake. I’m wondering, can we get it right this time or, are we destined to repeat the same mistakes we made for nearly 40 years with John McCain?

With McCain’s medical condition likely to take its toll (and I wish him no suffering), it appears that we will be replacing two Senators, rather than one.

Arizona needs new, principled, constitutional conservatives representing us in Washington, D.C.  Frankly, I’m looking for someone who is in the mold of Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX) or, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). I’m looking for a man or woman who understands personal liberty, individualism, free markets and limited (as in tiny) government.

Three major contenders have surfaced, each wanting Jeff Flakes Senate seat. Martha McSally talks the talk and appears to walk the walk. We have a revived Joe Arpaio who wants to “help the President” with his objectives. But, can Arpaio, given his age and the recent pardon by President Trump, adequately represent Arizona’s conservatives or, will he be a lame duck from day one? Perennial candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, riding high on some big endorsements and an infusion of campaign funding,  is running again after losing to John McCain in 2016.

I expect more candidates to surface and this time around I will insist they engage me in one-on-one interviews with no holds barred. I want the truth… and yes,  I can handle the truth.

Arizona conservatives cannot afford to send any more political weaklings to Washington.

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