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Spare me a few moments of your valuable time to set the stage for these 5 short talks on free markets and free people. If you would like to skip directly to the talks, please do so.

There’s a great deal of tension in the air, an edginess foreign to our culture, to our very existence. It feels like we’re dancing on the razor’s edge because we are.

We can feel the static electricity. A fog of gloom engulfs and blinds us. Seeing the road ahead is difficult. If things seem fake, maybe they are, and maybe we should follow our instincts. Normality and certainty are dissipating rapidly.

For me, I feel as if important things are getting away from us, slipping out of sight, out of the range of my grasping arms and hands.

We are officially a kept and quartered people frightened by the muffled voices and sounds we hear coming from a distant government we no longer recognize or feel we can control.

We don’t know whether to lash out or wait it out. We hesitate, nervously, wanting to do the right things, the right way but no longer knowing how.

Will our indecisiveness prove lethal to American freedom. Normally independent, self-reliant people find themselves the odd recipients of cash payments from a centralized government. Many of us have never received much, if anything, from the government. We have given without getting.

In this swirl of activity, there are growing concerns that the free market could collapse because freedom, its primary fuel, has atrophied. I share this sentiment and believe there is a likelihood that our economy could be sucked into a vortex, perhaps collapse altogether.

Talk 1: Market Collapse

The signs of market collapse now surround us, will peak, and the momentum, left unchecked, will engulf and destroy us.

Whether by design or default, the free market fails in a culture where the public sector, seizes, commands, and dominates the creation, distribution, and accumulation of not only goods, services, and wealth, but individual opportunity; the latter being the most corrosive of all.

Talk 2: Market Centralization

The free market collapse accelerates when government throttles opportunity for individual wealth by centralizing control of communication, ideas, and expression.

Especially dangerous is a climate where government aligns itself, becoming one-in-the-same with the Titans of communication and product distribution (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon).

The truth is, America has never functioned well when controlled. Dependency has never a part of our national or cultural DNA.

Talk 3: Market Demoralization

When the moral basis for capitalism, which is vibrant individualism, is replaced by a policy of mandated and enforced collectivism, the free market is demoralized and captured in a vacuum of eventual despair.

Despair occurs when personal hopelessness is multiplied. These factors form the powerful elixir of market collapse.

Talk 4: Market Capitulation

By necessity, the cycle of economic and personal demoralization is then fed by a state-run subsistence policy where formerly free-roaming people are held back, speechless, locked down, locked out, and made compensated wards of a centralized government.

A false nobility emerges when free people are fed and sustained by the benevolence of a political class of elites in a walled-off city. Soon, they calculate, we will begin to normalize and nationalize massive dependency.

Capitulation to state norms could quickly become mandated, even in America. Mass acquiescence is the platform for socialism.

Talk 5: Market Morality

Since economies and markets have no inherent ethics, the very nucleus of a free market is the moral nobility of its people. Individual and collective virtue are inextricably woven into the fabric of personal liberty. Remove this core and nothing remains of either ethical personhood or a free market society, the existence of both being mutually dependent, one upon the other.

Capitalism is only sustained by a free and moral people, left alone to their creative imaginations and living under the Creator’s endowment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Will America’s free-market collapse? Yes, if they don’t leave us alone.
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