Who is Kelli – What does She Want

iVoteArizona Kelli WardIt appears Dr. Kelli Ward is prepared for a mano-a-mano battle with Senator John McCain for his Senate seat.

iVoteArizona has interviewed Dr. Kelli Ward and we believe she represents the best opportunity to defeat the former “maverick” John McCain in the upcoming Republican Primary election.

Kelli Ward is a constitutional conservative and has earned the endorsement of Mark Levin, national radio talk show host and host of LevinTV.

iVoteArizona endorses Kelli Ward as the next US Senator from Arizona.

Notwithstanding Senator McCain’s outstanding military service record and heroism, we question his commitment to the implementation of policies consistent with a true constitutional conservative. John McCain must be replaced with new leadership, following a fitting farewell. McCain has become a part of the problem in Washington and has contributed to the great issues of our day, creating peril for the Republic.

We believe Dr. Ward is ready for conservative prime time and can dethrone John McCain from his perch atop the elitist hierarchy in Washington, DC.

Kelli Ward’s campaign website carries the following statements about her:

“Grassroots conservatives are getting behind Dr. Kelli Ward…she will be bold, fresh, and fearless in championing conservative values…” We concur. More importantly, Kelli Ward is aligned with the solutions to the great issues of our day.

Arizona is ready for Dr. Kelli Ward and we have concluded she will truly place conservative values and conviction above herself, politics and the broken promises of the current Republican cartel.

John McCain must be replaced and Dr. Ward is the best candidate to remove the crown from his head.

iVoteArizona John McCainAlthough Mr. McCain should have used his considerable national voice to stifle the unabated growth of the federal government, he has not done so. There are now, at the end of John’s 32 year government career, a myriad questions about his conservative credentials. What could possibly motivate Arizona conservatives to reelect John McCain to another 6 year term, granting him a staggering 38 years in Washington?

It is indeed sad and tragic that we cannot count on Senator McCain to utilize the full weight of his office to reduce the size of government, repeal Obamacare, close the border, reign in the IRS and stand for liberty over the emerging tyranny of federal expansion.

Who is Kelli and what does she want? What will she deliver to Arizona’s conservatives and why should we believe her after being lied to by so many in the Republican party? We now call on Dr. Ward to continue to pledge herself to constitutional principles and conservative values.

We call on Arizona to elect Kelly Ward to the US Senate and to finally replace Senator McCain. Of course, we want to see him retired with honors.

Kelli Ward must wrest the baton from the clinched fist of John McCain and turn back the tyranny, representing us as Arizona’s new constitutional conservative.

Visit the Kelli Ward website… learn more

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