What to do with John McCain?

iVoteArizona John McCainThe dust has settled, we have a winner and it’s John McCain, again.

iVoteArizona endorsed Dr. Kelly Ward because we believe John McCain’s leadership has waned, his judgment as a conservative has been compromised and time-and-time again he has voted to enlarge government, keep its control in the hands of a few powerful elites and increasingly centralize its power in Washington, DC.

Barring a defeat in November at the hands of liberal Ann Kirkpatrick, a genuine left-leaning liberal, John McCain will be re-elected and just as he has done in the past he will, at the age of 80, ascend to his Senatorial throne for another 6 years.

McCain was born August 29, 1936, in Coco Solo, Panama. He is an American war hero, having spent 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton as a tortured prisoner, finally being released on March 14, 1973. His Vietnam injuries have left him noticeably restricted. For his heroism and service, I applaud and salute Senator McCain.

What should Arizona do with John McCain? What can Arizona’s constitutional conservatives do to work effectively with John McCain?

For starters, we must insist Senator McCain serve, act, vote, speak and work as a true constitutional conservative. Here is what this means.

1. We Call on John McCain to Reduce the Size of Government, Quickly and Measurably.

For John’s first thirty years in Congress, he has participated in the largest growth of the federal government in the history of the country.

We now have more bureaucrats, departments, and regulation than every before. Senator McCain was there, at times participating in the growth.

The nation is almost $20 trillion in debt, with each American’s share of the debt approaching $60,000. It’s not only destructive, it’s immoral and unpatriotic to allow the debt to swallow Americans and diminish their freedom to chart their own direction in life.

John is to be commended for his long-standing position against pork barrel legislation. But a stance isn’t good enough. Senator McCain is urged to submit legislation to reduce every federal department by 6%, one year for each year of his 2017 term.

I am asking Senator McCain to establish an Arizona Growth Task Force to work with him throughout his next term to identify ways to cut the size and reach of government for Arizonans and to communicate with his constituency with regular progress reports.

By reducing the size of government, McCain will win back the approval of Arizona’s conservatives.

2. We Call on John McCain to Cease His Public Ridicule of Conservative Colleagues.

In the past, and on numerous occasions, Senator McCain has publically derided conservative Senators for their public stand against Obamacare and the shutdown of the Government as a mechanism to control growth and deficits.

This must stop, immediately. I exhort the Senator to work with the Tea Party and conservative caucus in a cooperative way to diminish our debt and the growth and intrusion of government into the lives of his Arizona’s electorate.

It is important to tell Senator McCain that many Arizona conservatives support the utilization of all tools available to our Senators to stop the maddening growth. This includes filibusters, forced closures of the general, and the non-security, non-essential operations of the federal machine in order to get control the debt and growth.

3. We Call on John McCain to Finish His Career as the True Maverick He Once Claimed to Be.

Younger voters need to know that John McCain was once a true maverick, honestly. Over time, he drifted and allowed himself to take on the characteristics of an elite politician and one given to allowing the government to serve as the keeper of our lives.

To finish well, John should submit legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) before it breaks the financial backs of all Arizonans. Apart of the financial ramifications, which are proving devastating, Obamacare is a grotesque overreach of our government and an act of socialism. It is now destined for failure. The healthcare system must become competitive and a part of the free market that has given America the best health care in the world.

To finish well, John should submit legislation that would immediately freeze the growth of government and implement a rollback until the budget is balanced. The exception to the rollback would be Social Security, Medicare, and the Military budgets.

To finish well, John should submit legislation to reform Social Security to conform with the new actuary tables. This would include gradually raising the age of retirement for those who are currently 40 years of age and younger.

To finish well, Johns should submit legislation to control immigration by implementing limitations on the influx of persons who originate from any country that has a history of supporting terrorism or the education of young people in Madrassas to hate Christians and everyone who is not a Muslim. This legislation would include the building of a wall on our southern border, the enforcement of immigration law governing the overstay of visas, the immediate deportation of criminal aliens, and the defunding of sanctuary cities.

To finish well, stand up publically with Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul in a declaration of commitment to constitutional conservatism.

Senator McCain, we call on you to finish well, to return to your maverick ways and by so doing, create a legacy comprised of conservative actions that protect Arizona and the nation.

God bless you, John McCain, throughout your next 6 years as Arizona’s Senator.

Be assured, we are watching, hoping and praying that you will help rescue our sick nation.

Slider photo by Gage Skidmore (ccc)