Ripping Through Plunder & Deceit

iVoteAmerica Mark LevinMark Levin continues to occupy a space like no other constitutional patriot in modern time.

His latest best seller, “Plunder and Deceit” creates for us an historical demarcation point in a post constitutional America that cannot be ignored. It is a prophetic final call or, God forbid, the final curtain.

Levin refers to his topics as “pamphlets” and I agree. Each topic stands alone in its importance and Levin makes the historical and contemporary case, absent a new movement, for impending destruction of the next generation.

The list of driving forces behind the nation’s plunder and its deceit include, national debt (Chp. 2), the unsustainable social security system (Chp. 3), healthcare promises (Chp. 4), our nationalized education system (Chp. 5), illegal immigration (Chp. 6), the fed’s environmental policies (Chp. 7), the myth of the minimum wage solution (Chp. 8), national security (Chp. 9) and of course the threat to constitutional governance (Chp. 10). Plunder and Deceit is a lot of book and a thorough review of the greatest threats to the next generation.

Levin is this generations premiere conservative apologist who sets forth truth amidst the current sea of lies and deceit designed to snatch liberty from this and all future generations. Levin’s declarations stab deeply into the heart of traditional America and each truth is like a trumpet blast warning us of tragedy, unless we act.

Can we simultaneously love our children but betray their generation and generations yet born?

In short, Levin points the message of Plunder and Deceit at the millennial demographic setting forth a case that we and the next generation of citizens are being “devoured” by the massive growth, intrusion and control of a centralized and self-serving bureaucracy. Ours has become a nation controlled by greedy politicians who continue to lie through their noses and other bodily orifices.

The republic, according to Levin, cannot function effectively without a citizenry that accepts the responsibility to control the government as a result of collective virtue.

Welfare, immigration and social conformity are hit head on by Living in this treatise.

The erosion of individual society, free will, and self-sufficiency give way to dependence, conformity, and finally tyranny.

Breaking Down the Collective Plunder

iVoteAmerica Book Review Plunder and Deceit CoverPlunder and Deceit is what the title suggests; an almost prophetic warning about the reaches of government in its accelerating appetite for centralized, self-serving power at the expense of this and future generations.

Levin gives a shocking analysis of how the entitlement state will break the back of America’s middle class, flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and creating a national debt that will be carried by successive generations.

The plunder is increasingly acceptable to too many parents, says Levin and unless we stop the madness of the now out of control, hell-bent federal machine, the collapse of liberty is assured.

Levin hits hard at the consequences of an out of control elite who increasingly enslave current and future generations in their reckless management of the nation’s assets.

Why do so many parents abandon the civil society for a voracious central government that steals their children’s future?

Deceit is a Tool of the Social Engineers

The push for government controlled wages, subsidized education and the promises of a social utopia are gaining widespread acceptance.

Absent a major shift in the direction of federal control the next generation will become incapacitated. The nations’s return to reliance upon the founding principles of the republic provide the way out.

The well-being of America’s young people through the restoration of founding principles should be the primary objective of public policy.

There is a deep concern within the heart of Mark Levin when he states, “Students are not lab rats to be subjected to endless educational experiments…”

It is the consolidation of power within an increasingly deceptive government that will eventually steal our children’s future. This is the point of Plunder and Deceit.

Deception is predicated by an elite machine that is slowly convincing the next generation that unalienable rights are bestowed not by the Creator but by a benevolent government. It is this notion that gives rise to the consolidation and control of individual and collective rights in policies emanating from Washington, DC. Such belief changes society’s relationship with government as it continues to grab more control.

The consolidation of power, a mortal threat to the individual and liberty, is now the primary object of government.

Plunder and Deceit is a seminal warning about the tricky tools of exploitation wielded by an intrusive government. The hypnotic illusion of personal security and collective prosperity via government mandates and promises comes with a price… loss of personal liberty, self-reliance and ultimately freedom, ending in tyranny.

Levin calls for a “New Civil Rights movement” that can thwart the permanent exploitation of our children and grandchildren. It is a call for the current and future generation to rediscover the essence of liberty and that a bloated government will only diminish our constitutional freedoms.

Get the book… devour it… pass it on… live it’s call.

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