Jeff Flake and the SCOTUS Issue

iVoteArizona Jeff FlakeConservative Review is a website iVoteArizona reviews on a regular basis to examine the Liberty Score® of congressional members.

Today we noticed Flake’s Liberty Score® is just 50%, indicating his votes line up with conservative values only half the time.

We have been watching Senator Jeff Flake recently, and we are tracking him as one of Arizona’s Senators.

iVoteArizona, like Jeff Flake, did not endorse Donald Trump for President. Flake is playing it safe politically. For us, Donald Trump is simply not presented historical or other evidence he is a principled constitutional conservative.

Conflicting Votes Create Doubt

We wonder, is Senator Jeff Flake a principled constitutional conservative, given the conflicting votes on key conservative issues.

For example, Flake cast his vote to fund Obamacare incognito. He ghost-voted to end the 2014 government shutdown of the Federal government knowing that his vote would fund Obamacare.

But isn’t this the same schizophrenic legislative behavior reminiscent of the leadership of former House Speaker, John Boehner, and the current Senate Majority Leader, Mirch McConnell?

I vividly recall the heroic attempt of Senator Ted Cruz to kill Obamacare by filibustering against its funding. We conservatives have not forgotten the public spanking given Cruz over his insolent behavior. He endured the verbal whippings of many, including Senator John McCain.

Back to Jeff Flake and the question of the depth of his commitment to principled conservatism. When Ted Cruz returned to the Senate after leaving the Presidential campaign, Flake wanted to observe Ted’s behavior with respect to Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee. According to the New York Times, hater of all things conservative but a cozy avenue for Flake to generate his messages, Flake reportedly stated, “I think all of us will be interested to see what position Senator Cruz takes.”

Our Never-Ending Need to Know…Everything!

Of course, inquiring minds have a need to know. We would like to know and think we indeed do know, why Jeff Flake wanted to observe Ted Cruz. It was clear to everyone that Flake and others wanted to see if Ted Cruz was as principled as he claimed to be.

Now we know the end of the story, sort of. Flake took the position to not endorse but rather to denounce Donald Trump as the GOP’s nominee for President. Flake needed a way to explain himself to Arizona’s conservatives. After all, Jeff’s Conservative Review Liberty Score is only 50%, while Ted Cruz beats him with a conservative voting record of 97%. Mike Lee scores 100% as a conservative Senator from Utah.

Add to all of this the fact that Jeff Flake voted in 2013 to allow legislation to move forward that would permit debate regarding a set of restrictions to the Second Amendment and gun advocates.

Yesterday, the Washington Times carried a piece entitled, “Jeff Flake Urges Congress to Move on Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination in Lame-Duck Session” a spin story from Politico. This confuses me. While Senator Flake, like many of his fellow Senators (Mitch McConnell, for example), likes to portray himself as a messenger of conservativism while campaigning, his voting record and interviews create reasonable suspicion.

As stated here, Flake has indicated to another liberal news outlet, Politico, that he believes Hillary Clinton will be the next President and stated, “I’m saying that I’m not one to deny polls, particularly when they are overwhelming.” Thus the Washington Times, based on its evidence has concluded that Senator Flake wants to act on his assumption and conduct hearings to consider the nomination of Merrick Garland.

Sen. Jeff Flake said it is time for Congress to move forward as if Hillary Clinton is president-elect and plan to take up President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court during the lame-duck session of Congress. – Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times: Friday, October 21, 2016.

SCOTUS Advise and Consent Risk Management

Senator Flake’s position on the Garland “Advise and Consent” action is seemingly predicated on the assumption that Hillary Clinton might nominate a Justice who is more liberal than Merrick Garland. I can’t imagine Barack Obama nominating a moderate to the bench, can you? Is Flake adjusting his positions based on the assumption that Clinton is more socialist than Obama? If so, what is the basis for this logic? Is this Flake’s version of a SCOTUS risk management tactic.

It appears that Jeff Flake, like most astute politicians, keeps his moist finger in the air, calculating and responding to the prevailing political winds. Reelection is coming and so are questions about his various positions, votes, and statements.

iVoteArizona would like to interview Senator Flake. This will help us dispel any lingering questions about his conservative commitments to Arizonans.

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