iVoteArizona Goes Live

iVoteArizona LogoArizona is the headquarters for iVoteAmerica and we are pleased to announce the launch of www.iVoteArizona.com, another key state in the national roll out scheme.

The Arizona site is only the second western state to launch and follows Florida, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

The iVoteAmerica National Network is comprised of digital “iVote” offices in all 50 states, each available to pre-selected conservative State Affiliate Editors (“SAE”) who join the network.

iVoteAmerica Founder“We are not even close to keeping up with the demand,” said Donald Teel, iVoteAmerica.com Founder. Teel went on to say, “The iVoteAmerica Network is not being created by politicians, bureaucrats, or lobbiests… I decided to take on this project after sitting on the sidelines watching America spiral into decline.”

“Anger is a negative emotion in most situations and I would not use that word to characterize the motivations of iVoteAmerica… our motivation is purely personal, pragmatic and patriotic. There are literally millions of Americans who have no idea what is happening to the nation,” Teel said.

Everyday I talk to people who haven’t got a clue about the national debt, the Supreme Court vacancy or, for that matter, where to vote. -Donald Teel, Founder

I was on the phone with a customer service representative from my Internet Hosting firm (in Austin, TX) and at the conclusion of my call she asked me, “Before we hang up, I was noticing your websites are about voting, do you know where I can vote tomorrow in Austin?” I simply pointed her to the correct Google search for primary voting stations in Austin.

Arizona is one of the key states in the iVoteAmerica strategy because it is the home state of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who has been targeted for retirement by iVoteAmerica. The delegate count is at stake and iVoteArizona will be a part of the conservative political voice in Arizona well into the future.

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