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Our endorsement for US Senate will once again go to Dr. Kelli Ward.

Dr. Kelli Ward, now heavily endorsed and funded by a growing list of donors and PACs remains the steadfast conservative in a problematic field.

Joe Arpaio – Step Aside

iVoteArizona calls on Sheriff Joe Arpaio to drop out of the primary race and endorse Kelli Ward. It’s time to call it a career, Joe. We appreciate the decades of dedicated service to Maricopa County, and respectfully ask you to step aside, do the right thing, and endorse Dr. Kelli Ward. In so doing you will stop Martha McSally,

After all, McSally has a Conservative Review Liberty Score® of just 43%, an “F” grade. How can a strong, tough-talking fighter pilot have only 13 conservative votes and 17 liberal votes? McSally is John McCain in a skirt.

Kelli Ward’s Conservative Credentials

Leadership. Dr. Ward is not afraid to lead.  During her three years serving in the state legislature, Dr. Ward established a proven track record of passing legislation that supported small businesses, preserved the Second Amendment, decreased the size of government, fought the opioid crisis, protected vulnerable Arizona students, and increased school choice.

Healthcare. As a physician, who could know more about the travesty and destruction of government run healthcare? Dr. Ward wants to leave our health care system in the hands of the free markets. She wants health insurance to be sold across state lines to create competitive pricing.  She has stated that Arizonans should not put our health in the hands of “Washington politicians or scheming bureaucrats.”

The National Debt.  Dr. Ward’s challenger, Martha McSally, has helped the Washington elites run up the national debt. Dr. Ward’s position is  on the national debt is clear: “The only way to stop Congress from putting our country deeper into debt every year is to get spending under control while promoting economic growth.” Currently, each Arizona citizen, including every baby born today, owes the federal government more than $60,000. We can no longer spend recklessly and doom our children and grandchildren to lives of servitude to Washington, DC.

Border Security and Illegal Immigration. We, like Dr. Ward, understand that our sovereignty and security begins and ends with immigration law and enforcement.  Multiple administrations have failed to secure our borders, end chain migration, stop the visa lottery system, and build a southern border wall to protect Arizona and the rest of America from what amounts to an invasion. Kelli Ward has said about Washington politicians and immigration, “Failure on their part to fulfill the primary function of government – to protect its citizens.”

Faith and our Religions Liberties. Dr. Ward knows that one nation under God is not just poetry, its the heritage of our nation. The Judeo-Christian culture is the bedrock of law and order, and the free practice of our religion is what builds strong individuals and families.

Commitment to Veterans. Dr. Ward comes from a military family. Her website states, “As a child, Dr. Ward’s grandmother would take her to the VFW for every holiday, parade, and event. As an adult, she’s been a supportive military wife and has worried and waited for her husband to return from Iraq, where he was being rocketed on a daily basis. Dr. Kelli Ward firmly believes our country’s veterans deserve the very best health care America has to offer.”

Low Taxes, Small Government.  Whenever a candidate claims to be a conservative but supports the unabated growth of government and more taxation, they should be labeled a fraud. Kelli wants to simplify our tax system and supports President Donald Trumps new tax cut and reform agenda. In our opinion, the government cannot give us anything that it has not first taken from us, and Kelli Ward shares that opinion.

It was my privileges to meet Dr. Ward and to interview her during her 2016 campaign against John McCain. She pledged herself to the traditional conservative values held by Arizona’s citizens, including the rights of the unborn.

iVoteArizona is endorsing Dr. Kelly Ward for the US Senate because she is the most qualified, principled conservative candidate who we believe will put the interests of The Next Generation of Conservatives® ahead of power, greed, and big government.  Dr. Ward’s positions truly represent the principles and tenets of our iVoteAmerica Creed.

Please vote for Dr. Kelli Ward for the US Senate.

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