Gregg Abbot Endorses Cruz

iVoteAmerica Governor Greg Abbott TXIn Presidential races winning one’s home state is considered critical.

Endorsements can help, if the one endorsing is considered credible. Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) is both highly credible and highly conservative. His endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President carries weight. It will influence Texans in the upcoming 2016 Texas Republican Primary.

As of today, February 25, 2016, Ted Cruz is leading in the polls with a 33.2% showing, followed by Donald Trump at 24.8 and Marco Rubio languishing in third place with a 14.8% approval. If Cruz prevails in Texas by winning the primary, it will be a significant boost to his electoral count.

It’s difficult to imaging Donald Trump winning in Texas, however, it was difficult to imagine him winning in South Carolina, but he did.

iVoteAmerica is solidly behind the Cruz candidacy, having made an endorsement of him.

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