Clinton Endorses Ann Kirkpatrick

iVoteArizona Ann Kirkpatrick by Gage Skidmore (cc)Hillary Clinton has endorsed Ann Kirkpatrick in her quest to become Arizona’s Senator.

In November, it will be John McCain battling Ann Kirkpatrick and the Clinton machine for the right to become one of Arizona’s two US Senators.

Being endorsed by Hillary Clinton is tantamount to Raul Castro being endorsed by his brother Fidel.

To make matters worse than we first imagined, the Arizona Republic announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified.

The logic used by the Arizona Republic in its endorsement of Clinton is the declaration that Donald Trump is not a true conservative. Although we agree that Donald Trump is not a constitutional conservative, to base the endorsement of Hillary on conservative values it plain lunacy.

JoDee Winterhof, HRC Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs, stated about he endorsement of Ann Kirkpatrick, ““Ann Kirkpatrick has been a strong supporter in our fight for equal rights and protections for all.”

Whatever JoDee’s statement is meant to accomplish, one thing is certain, Ann Kirkpatrick is a liberal socialist in the mold of Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Winterhof, went on to list Kirkpatrick’s qualifications, as follows:

  1. Kirkpatrick’s support for nationwide marriage equality or the Equality Act;
  2. Kirkpatrick’s positions and action against so-called efforts in Congress to write discrimination into federal law;
  3. Kirkpatrick’s proven record to free LGBTQ people from the fear of discrimination;
  4. Kirkpatrick’s efforts to pass the Equality Act and finally move us to full equality;

There you have it… total, unvarnished liberalism.

Let’s add to this list of Kirkpatrick’s positions her support of Obama, Obamacare, and Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders unilaterally mandated as law.

iVoteArizona views Ann Kirkpatrick as an extension of Barack Obama’s liberalization and socialization of America.

Imagine for a moment, a Senator Ann Kirkpatrick working hand-in-hand with an Executive Branch of the US Government, headed by a President named Hillary Clinton,

While Ann Kirkpatrick continues to tell Arizonan’s she is a hometown girl with Arizona values, don’t believe it. Ann is a big government liberal who has walked lock-step with Barack Obama and is now endorsed by Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt politicians in US history.

Conservative Review gave Ann Kirkpatrick a grade of “F” and a conservative score of 13%, which indicates a liberal vote on 87% of all legislation. Whether the budget, immigration, foreign policy or healthcare, Ann is an Obama clone. She never met a socialist plan she did not love.

Ann Kirkpatrick is no conservative and no friend of Arizona’s voters, businesses, and families.

Photo by Gage Skidmore (cc)

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