Bush Derails His Train

iVoteArizona Jeb BushIt could be stated that former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) never gained any traction with the new, hot-headed, counter-intuitive, establishment-loathing, fed-up Republican voters. Who can disagree after the myriad lies fed to us during the last campaign cycle. The establishment is now paying attention.

Bush supporters, the old line PACs and funneled private money, dropped a cool $100,000,000 at the Bush poker table and walked away losers.

The Republican brand was in the throws of an historical re-brand by the time Jeb Bush announced his candidacy and he, like other traditional establishment cronies, just did not get it! In fact, they have been missing in action.

The question for the Republican establishment today is a simple one, “Do you get it, now?” The Freddie Krueger of politics has risen again to claim another victim. “Can you hear me now?” is the primal scream coming from millions of conservative patriots. We have had enough!

Brother George, mother Barbara and the Bush family heritage were not enough to pull Jeb out of the swamp, even in a State where the Bush legacy is strong.

It wasn’t Jeb time.

Elsewhere, we have advocated a potential cabinet position for Jeb Bush, perhaps as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”)

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