Political history teaches us that trusting politicians is a risky exercise. More often than not, trust is rewarded with disappointment, and disappointment spawns resentment.

Such is my plight with candidate Martha McSally. With Congresswoman McSally, I am again finding myself a reluctant conservative voter.  Allow me to explain.

My endorsement of Dr. Kelli Ward spanned two elections. Her first opponent was John McCain, who destroyed Dr. Ward in the primaries with his typical mixture of negative messaging in large doses. There were lies, distortions, and some truth.  In the end, it seemed like Goliath killed David.

Then, there was Senator John McCain, who left this world, Washington, DC, and Arizona in scorching fashion. It was a memorial and funeral befitting a king and filled with all of the drama one would expect of a head of state. After all, John scripted his own departure, even to the point of having forme Presidents Bush and Obama, to quote Obama, “Say nice thing about John on national television.”

The war hero, Vietnam fighter pilot was gone, and Senator Jeff Flake was on his way out the back door. This seemed to assure conservatives that Dr. Ward would become the favored candidate in the 2018 general election.

The Open Door – John is Gone

Enter fighter pilot number two, Congresswoman Martha McSally, the first female combat pilot in history. At the wooing of Arizona’s traditional GOP power brokers, McSally declared her candidacy for the Senate seat of Jeff Flake, a man on the run.

The 2018 GOP primary was deja-vu, with an unpredictable twist and wildcard by the name of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio, the fiercely loyal follower and pardoned friend of Donald  J. Trump. was never a serious contender. Arpaio was, however, able to ensure McSally’s primary victory by drawing votes from Ward.

In politics, the victor is often the last person standing. McSally is the Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2018.

Since I have already cast my ballot by mail, I’ll confess, I voted for Martha McSally. After all, her opponent, a renown hypocrite, progressive socialist, and Stalinist didn’t leave much room for discussion. And, then, there’s that pesky problem that Sinema is a Democrat…I think. At least she has taken the Democrat label.

Is McSally a Demonstrated Conservative?

But is McSally a proven conservative in the vein of Ronal Reagan.  It doesn’ seem so, but I am not ready to discount a conversion. Truly, Martha McSally does not have a conservative legislative record. Her Liberty Score at Conservative Review is an “F” at 37%.  Her opponent, Sinema, comes in with a 9% score and Jeff Flake is a “D” grade at 62%. Yes, Jeff Flake looks good when His “D” is positioned against McSally and Sinema.

iVoteArizona Martha McSally Score

Source: Conservative Review, Liberty Score ®

McSally’s claim to fame, and it’s a valid claim, is she flew combat missions. I salute her, I’m impressed with this amazing accomplishment. Her fighter pilot story is the central feature in her talking points. Her policy talking points have been thoroughly spit-shined for campaign survival.

Is Our Love Affair Over?

What is it about Arizona’s love affair with combat pilots? Why do we feel obliged to elect them to the US Senate?

McSally is a career government employee. While there is no way in hell you will get me to denigrate her military record, my reluctant voter complex stems from the fact that I’m tired of candidates who claim to be conservatives because they were fighter pilots. Even worse, I fear we take the bait, out of our sense of patriotism and respect for our military heroes.

Today, I’m a reluctant voter who voted for Martha McSally.  Martha, I knew John McCain, and I hope you’re no John McCain.


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